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Huggy Bear Gets Some Honey

As everyone know - if you don't know, you're a terrorist and you should quit logging onto the interwebs from your cave - Bobby Huggins signed a lifetime contract last Friday, keeping him at WVU until his 65th birthday, and paying him an average of 1.5 million dollars a year.

The contract also contains a liquidated damages clause for 4 million dollars which does not decrease over the life of the contract. This provided probably the best moment of the press conference announcing the contract, when Fast Eddie P. did all he could to contain a smirk as he discussed the buyout, which was obviously intended as a slap in the face of Rich Rodriguez's claim that Mike Garrison doesn't believe in buyouts.

On the other hand, the timing of the press conference, hastily called on a Friday, proves it was soley to (ineffectively) defuse critism on Garrison stemming from the Heather Bresch scandal. Everyone knows you don't deliver good news on a Friday. Bad news if for Friday, good news is for Monday. That is why Kirsten Dunst movies come out of Fridays.

Despite the political nature of the timing of the contract, WBGV gives the contract to HUGE thumbs up, and toes and whatever else we can get up...which for Charley West, isn't a whole lot these days. Bob Huggins is the best thing to happen to West Virginia basketball since Jerry West.

Seriously, a 26 win season with John Beilein's players, the best recruiting class in recent memory, a man dedicated to the state and University, why not give him a 10-year deal? WVU will never fire him, we never fire anyone (except for you, Mike Seabolt, Alexis Baisel), so why not just go ahead and sign him long term with a buyout.

In a time when WVU has a public black eye from the Marion County posse (Mike Garrison, Joe Manchin, Rich Rodriguez, may he forever be tormented by looking at Rita's face), signing Bob Huggins to a long term deal makes me tingle like I haven't since Britney Spears turned 18.