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Huggins Lands 6'10" Standout

The Class of 2009 officially took shape last night as Keith Dewitt, a 6'10" power forward from Charis Prep (N.C.), verbally committed to the Mountaineers. Along with the recent offer by CBH, Dewiit had previously been offered by a Big East school (Cincinnati) as well as two Big 12 schools (Missouri and Nebraska).

While Dewitt's size of 6'10" would usually suggest a power forward, his game might ultimately be better suited for the 3. His athleticism is off the charts, and he is versatile with the ball and a good mid-to-long range shooter.

With less than two full years of competitive basketball under his belt, Dewitt has already matured into a player worthy of high division I offers. This raw talent looks to be a perfect piece to ultimately excel in the Huggins system. With another year at Charis, Dewitt should gain more experience playing the power forward position, allowing him to float between the 4 and the wing when he arrives at WVU. That kind of versatility is great at both ends of the floor.

There is a lot of upside here, but a lot is dependent on how next year goes for Dewitt. If he can get his grades in order -- and keep his life in order -- and continue to develop his game, this will be a huge get for this Mountaineer staff. If he regresses, or if there is more turmoil in his life and schooling, then this flier might not pay off.

But right now, this is a solid start to the 2009 class.

[Mitch Vingle @ Charleston Gazette]