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The Check Actually Was In The Mail

In an almost stunning turn of events -- considering our recent track record with this sort of thing -- John Beilein sent WVU a check for $290,000. This represented the first installment of the $1.5 million he owes the school due to his contract buyout.
Beilein made the first payment "under protest" and again expressed his displeasure with the liquidated damages clause. He called it "unenforceable" and said it is "grossly disproportional to any actual damages that may have been incurred by the University and is void as a matter of public policy."

Beilein also left open the possibility he might contest the settlement in the future.

"At this time, I have chosen not to initiate legal proceedings to declare the Agreement and the related liquidated damages provision in the Employment Agreement void but reserve my right to seek future action," he wrote.

"I urge the University to stop using the liquidated damages provision in its employment contracts because such provisions are illegal, onerous, and violate public policy."
Eh, who cares. As long as the check clears, he can huff and puff all he wants.

To be honest with you, I would be disappointed if he didn't. After all, he's stuck in a basketball quagmire in Ann Arbor while CBH might have a Final Four caliber team in Morgantown next year.

This does, however, officially move Beilein below Rodriguez on the WVU hate power rankings. Here is the updated list:

  1. Rich Rodriguez

  2. Adolph Hitler

  3. Josef Stalin

  4. Yanni

  5. John Beilein

As long as the check clears.

[Mike Casazza @ Daily Mail]