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I'm A Big Boy Now!

Well, it is about to happen. I never thought this day would come but I’m about to do something I’ve never done. I’ve thought about it many times and always wondered what it would feel like. No, I won’t be getting to have sex with a woman that is awake. I’m moving away from West Virginia.

It is a little scary to leave Mountaineer Country for a place where Cocks rule. San Francisco? No. I’m moving to the low country of South Carolina.

Yes, By-Godders I’m leaving almost heaven for the smiling faces and beautiful places of South Carolina. I’ve lived in West Virginia my entire life and I honestly don’t know why I’m leaving. Something in the pit of my stomach just told me it was time.

At first, I thought the feeling was Casa pizza on top of a night of drinking but the feeling didn’t go away. It just kept building and building until it was time to leave the safety of these beautiful West Virginia mountains. The South is calling and I’m ready to infiltrate SEC country and indoctrinate them in the greatness of Mountaineer football.

West Virginia will always be home to me. No matter how far away I move or how long I’m gone in the back of my mind I will always be longing for Wild’n Wonderful West Virginia.

To those of you calling me a traitor or a turncoat, I’m sorry. I’m still going to religiously follow my Mountaineers. I’m a Mountaineer until I die. Every chance I get I will rock out my vast collection of Mountaineer apparel. There is no way in hell that I will get sucked into the "pageantry" of the great SEC.

Down south they think the only college football worth a damn is the SEC. I’m not going to lie they play great football in the SEC but they also pay their players, so it shouldn’t count. The SEC is a less educated version of the NFL, if that is possible. The SEC is the southern version of the mafia. If Rutgers wanted to pay its athletes for no-show jobs they would just put in a call to Tony Soprano. Of course, all the commentators overlook these facts and just slurp the SEC all day. If I have to hear any more about Tebow being Superman I will actually see if he is faster than a speeding shoe.

What did that last paragraph have to do with anything? I just got a little mad and went off on a tangent, back to my point.

Mountaineer Field and the Red Lot will be my residence on gamedays. It’s easy to hit up the Daily Mail, Gazette, and messages boards for the latest news and rumors about Mountaineer sports. Also, don’t worry because I still get to post on the best blog on the "interweb."

So after my move is complete I will be back to posting regularly. Living in SEC country will give me plenty of fodder for my "shoes" column so expect many more of those over the summer.

I'm going to miss the beautiful mountains and the sound of water flowing down little mountain streams. I will miss my family. But, what I will miss the most are all the friends I've made while attending the greatest University in all the land. Whether it was a Thursday night in Morgantown or trip in a WVU van to an away game. I had the best times of my life with friends I met at WVU. I just want to say thanks and you'll see me again real soon.

Finally, if any of you have advice on life as a Mountaineer fan outside of West Virginia please let me know. Lord knows I will be going through Mountaineer withdraw within hours of leaving the country roads of West Virginia.