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The Gold-Blue Game Happened

Well, color me pleasantly surprised. Between the beautiful weather, huge crowd (at least by WVU standards), and general lack of interest in the on-field action, the Gold-Blue Game was a complete success.

When I say complete lack of interest, that's not necessarily a bad thing. One, it looks like no one got hurt. That's always a plus. Second, no one had a HUGE game. Sure, Najee Goode had a billion tackles, but it wasn't a Brandon Barrett-type superstar game. This saves me a summer free of unneeded hype. And considering I am easily swayed by hype, this is also a good thing.

As for the game, it's obvious we're going to pass more, but from my eye, we are not a passing team. This is a good thing. I feel like Mullen is attempting to run the WVU offense how it was originally intended to be run.

Basically, the idea is to read the defense and keep them off-balance. Running 90% of the plays simply can't keep safeties honest. Passing the ball -- meaningful, downfield passes included -- can really help to free up running lanes for our bread and butter.

I'm sure 25314 is still locked in his fallout shelter, but I feel relieved after the gameplan we saw Saturday.