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WBGV, Dougity Dog Announce Partnership


West BY GOD Virginia and Dougity Dog (and his website, have teamed up to bring you the best in WVU highlight and promotional videos.

You might remember Dougity Dog as the man behind basically every great West Virginia YouTube classic. (You might also remember WBGV as people who watched and really enjoyed those videos.) Well, now, all those videos will debut exclusively on West BY GOD Virginia. Want to get goosebumps watching Noel Devine break ankles and tear up defenses? You'll see it on WBGV in less than a week.

For now, we give you this commercial as just a glimpse of what is coming in the future.

PS: We are very proud of this partnership as it gives a bigger platform for both WBGV and Dougity Dog. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it, too.