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Cleaning Out The Closet

The trees are buddinging, the birds are singing, and my room is starting to smell like someone pissed in my duck boots back in December. So fuckers, I'm cleaning out my closet and getting rid of a lot of shoes.

I have been sitting for about 15 minutes trying to think about something that really pissed me off here recently and I can't think of anything. Sure, it would've been nice if we had gone after Josh Duncan more in the last 11 or so minutes but shit happens. Yeah, I wish WVU were in the Final Four but making the NCAA Tournament and then beating Duke was enough for me.

Have I gone soft or is the medication I'm taking really helping my temper? Either way I'm a content Mountaineer fan, for now, and I'm looking forward to the Gold-Blue game on April 19.

Now, I'm sure I'm one of the only people that feels this way so let out some steam and vent about what has been pissing you off recently.