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X-Men's Last Stand

Today we play the least of the Xaviers: Nady, McDaniel, and finally the Musketeers. Of course, Xavier is most famous for having the gayest French mascot this side of UVA. (Ed. note: Not that there's anything wrong with that. Gay, that is. We certainly don't approve of being French.)

Xavier is also probably referred to as the X-Men. I'm not really sure, but at least I sometimes do. Now, I typically hate comic books and comic book collectors -- put down the guitar and frisbee, put on some shoes, and maybe mix in a shower every now and then -- and comic book movies. And X-Men is no exception.

Sure, Halley Berry and the former real life Mrs. Jesse Katsopolis are amazingly hot, but anything with the name Wolverine in it receives my full wrath now.

So too does Xavier, college basketball's ultimate coaching stepping stone. The school's last 3 basketball coaches were Pete Gillem, Skip Prosser, and Thad Matta. All three left for greener pastures at BCS schools. And I will guarantee Sean Miller makes the same move within 3 years.

Xavier comes from the Atlantic 10, where FOURTEEN basketball schools compete. The A-10 actually has 15 members if you include 'associate member' West Chester, which competes in women's field hockey only. Kind of like Notre Dame in the Big East, except more facial hair.

I have been reading about Xavier's 6 players averaging double figures, which means they must be sharing the wealth over in Cincinnati. This sounds like pinko commy behavior and doesn't sit any better with me than does the racial tension and Jerry Springer factor in the Queen City.

Obviously, the WVU basketball team has been reading this blog because it took my advice to start being awesome, and has been playing awesome lately.

And Bob Huggins would want nothing more than to beat his old cross town rival en route to an Elite Eight appearance. Rest assured, Billy Hahn has a hit out on the whole Musketeer nation if the Mounties fail to pull it out. But I don't see that happening.

All I know is that the X's will be seeing my O face today after the Mountaineers advance to play UCLA for the third straight year.