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Who Cares, Put Us On SportsCenter

If you caught last night's SportsCenter, you would have noticed a story about WVU. The story, reported by George Smith, focused on the basketball team as a distraction from the Rich Rodriguez fiasco.

Most WVU fans would tell you that both downplays the basketball team's accomplishments and overplays the impact of Rodriguez on day-to-day Mountaineer culture. Right now, one of the last things on our mind is Rodriguez. Sure, we took a little pleasure on the Terrelle Pryor circus, but the world would not have ended had he picked Michigan. Still, we're focused on basketball, Xavier, and 2008 football.

So, when we're featured on SportsCenter for a story with Rodriguez in the background, the natural inclination is to become angry. I say nay! Embrace it. Everytime we are on SportsCenter, the profile of WVU is raised. While it wasn't the perfect story, it certainly wasn't the worst. The interviews with the players, boosters, and coaches all made WVU look good, if not great.

As these stories continue to run, there will be more and more WVU and less and less Rodriguez. Until then, just know that we're a big enough story to send George Smith to campus in the middle of March. It's all happening for WVU, but it's not like all the kinks will be worked out immediately. Just be patient, drink a lot, and watch us on ESPN.

Because remember, we're on our way to becoming a fixture.