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This Just In: Pitt Still Sucks

Want to know why Pitt didn't land star recruit Terrelle Pryor?

The chief reason he never looked at Pitt has to be that Pitt has a tough time putting fannies in the Heinz Field seats. Who wants to play in front of 25,000 when you can play before crowds four times as large at Ohio State?

You can argue that Pryor could have been the one to make Pitt a big winner and sell a lot of tickets. I'm not sure he has the time for that. Pitt, though taking a big step in the right direction by beating West Virginia Dec. 1, still has a long way to go. It didn't even make it to a bowl game the past three seasons. If Pryor is as good as he appears, he won't be in college all that long. He'll be off to the NFL after three years.

No, Pryor wants to play for a national championship contender. That eliminates Pitt.
As much as Pitt fans want to yell and scream about "13-9," they're still just as irrelevant as always. Seriously, why think that anything is going to change when you don't support your program?

When Logan Heastie and Tajh Boyd first stepped on Mountaineer Field, they were awestruck and wondered how great the place must be when sold out on gameday. Think Pitt recruits imagine Heinz Field 1/3 full?