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WVU Needs To Win 37 More

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up a second.

You guys are getting pretty excited for a team that's still squarely on the bubble. You think you're in? Sure, you beat UConn, but that doesn't mean too much. They don't even have Ray Allen anymore.

I'll tell you, right now, I still have you out. Baylor is more deserving. Dayton has a better resume. I've never even heard of Illinois State before, so they're obviously in. Basically, you're screwed.

By my count, WVU only needs to win 37 more games to clinch an NCAA berth, which I predict them to do by 2013. Maybe 2012, if you're lucky. 49 of those 37 wins should come against the RPI Top 7, so as to strengthen your resume. Also, see if you can schedule some NBA teams. Anyone but the Knicks.

Once you do all that, maybe -- maybe -- you'll get into the tournament.