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Big East Tournament Preview

As Brent Musburger says, you are looking LIVE at a still photograph of New York City, home of the BET.

No, not Black Entertainment Television. If you are looking for that go here. Or if you are a white person, but black people still love you, go here.

Apparently, BET now stands for Big East Tournament. And while I am staunchly against the ridiculous use of made up acronyms, I will make an exception with the BET because these magic typing fingers are suffering from carpal tunnel after writing a 30 page brief.

In fact, I'm at my breaking point and about to pull one of these.


Anyway, the BET brings back so many good memories. Who can forget going 1-8 in the BET from 1996-2004? Who can forget Mike Gansey's tummy-ache heard round the state in 2006, or Jamie Smalligan's brilliant pick on Darris Nichols leading to Edgar Sosa 'walk' to the basket to kill NCAA hopes in 2007?

Of course, 2005 made up for it all. Providence, BC, Villanova. That was a very sexy time for WVU.

Tomorrow, the Mountaineers hope to repeat '05. They have been playing very well at MSG (common Madison Square Garden abbreviation), and have a manageable opening round draw.

I have been hearing alot lately that "it's hard to beat a team three times." To that I say, INHTBAWTAINHTBAIOT ( abbreviation for: "it's not hard to beat a woman thrice and it's not hard to beat an inferior opponent thrice").

The last time WVU played an opening round game agaist a team they defeated twice in the regular season, the Mountaineers beat Providence by 23 points in 2005.

I see a similar outcome here. This WVU team is playing much better than they were when they first two times they beat PC.

So, that leaves UConn on Thursday. WVU gained a great deal of confidence in the second half of the UConn game, and now believe they can beat the Huskies. I think there is a 50-50 chance we will.

Which leads to the semi's on Friday, most likely against Georgetown, another team WVU nearly defeated in the regular season.

The BET sets up very nicely for WVU to make a statement and move up in their NCAA seeding. A first round loss probably means they'll have to sweat out Selection Sunday and be about a 12 seed. One BET win makes us an 8 seed. Two tourney wins and we might sneak into a 7 seed. Three games makes us a 7 seed with a possibility of a 6 seed.

Really, though, there's only one thing left to do.......