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Very Soon, I Shall Be Very Famous

Now, to you guys, I am probably the most revered person in your lives. I know, I know, it's a big responsibility. Bringing enjoyment and laughter to your lives on a semi-daily basis (not on weekends!) is no easy job. But it's time to take my skills to a bigger stage.

What I am getting at in the most ego-maniacal way possible is that I have been selected to write the West Virginia portion of Deadspin's NCAA Tournament Preview. The only things standing in my way are my own limitations and, you know, WVU actually making the NCAA Tournament.

So, when you're watching the rest of our games, know that not just our tournament hopes and dreams on the line. Also on the line? Humorous satisfaction for all those not yet exposed to Charley West's greatness.

And also hepatitis.