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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (3/5/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to the hump day edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Schmitts Gay.


Due to the recent women's suffrage movement, both men and women are now able to enjoy hump day. We are also legally obligated to provide women-friendly content at least once a year. So as to not draw the wrath of feminists, gay men, and Anne Heche, we're running with the alternative theme today*.

OK, enough legal jargon...on to the Throwdown!

* Note: Just kidding. We'll be back with the regular dose of T&A later today.

What You (May Have) Missed:

  • Pitt (Not At All) Surprisingly Back To Talking Football: All it took was one ass-kicking to get them off basketball immediately. After last game? Football didn't exist. I'm surprised it does this time, considering ESPN picked them 6th in the Big East.

  • Bubble Watch Watch: It won't be updated until later today, but my guess is we move from "Work Left To Do" to "Should Be In." And if we don't? Andy Glockner dies.

  • We Ain't Won Shit: Unfortunately, we failed to win (or place) in either Best Big East Blog or Best New Blog. But, we're not bitter, considering these awards are so full of shit. C'mon, be serious: Iowa and Louisville on top of anything football related in 2007? That's unpossible.

Video of Disinterest:

  • If you're still reading after the questionably flaming gay entrance, then this is part of your reward. That's right, song girls. You're welcome.


What To Watch For:

  • Memphis (-1000) @ SMU: It's games like this in March that make sure Memphis loses before the Final Four. What a joke.

  • Teams That Hve No Chance Playing Basketball: Yes, conference tournaments really get into the swing this week. They actually started yesterday, but we'll understand if you didn't notice. You must have been too busy doing anything else.