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DePaul is DeGay

DePaul est la plus grande école catholique aux Etats-Unis.

Loosely translated, DePaul is going to get run over like a cop in front of Randy Moss.

I know this for a fact, as I have developed and indisputable mathematical calculation to prove it.

Bob Huggins > John Beilein > Jerry Wainwright (John Beilein's successor at Richmond and current DePaul head coach). So by the transitive property, WVU should win by 2 touchdowns...or 5 runs, depending on how many icings are called.

Let's play the game again. Appalachian > American > English > French ....we win again. See it's fun, and you can do it with anything.

Bill Stewart > Santa > Satan > Rich Rodriguez.

Hump day > any other day.

Tonight's game is a must win. But unlike Debbie Downer Charley West, I think we cover 4.5 points easily. 75 - 61. Write that down.

au revoir

"My father had a car salesman buddy. He was gonna fix him up real nice. Next thing I know, I’m gettin’ dropped off in a Le Car with a fabric sunroof. All the kids are shoutin’ at me, 'Hey, Le George! Bonjour, Le George! Let’s stuff Le George in Le Locker!'"