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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/26/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Tuesday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Everclear.

No, not that Everclear, this one.

Note the torn "gloves" and ratty leather jacket. When you're not in college and in a picture featuring you holding up a bottle of Everclear, you can pretty much count on being a drunk with torn clothes. You can also pretty much count on not having gone to college. And lastly, you're probably drinking because you're still just getting over our announcement from yesterday that we're cutting down on posts. Or not.

Either way, just because there's less posts doesn't mean we can't still bring the heat.

Like this...

See, boobs -- and it's not even hump day. Just letting you know there are still plenty of reasons to visit WBGV, even during football offseason. So please, don't despair. Not that any of you were.

Now, on to the Throwdown!

What You (May Have) Missed:

  • Death is Apparently Worth $20 Million: Of course, I'm joking, Big Show won't actually die. And there's zero chance "Pretty Boy" Floyd gets hurt. But still, $20 million can buy a whole lot of whatever it is Floyd Mayweather buys. My guess? Fried chicken and lottery tickets.

  • A Month of Bubble Puns Awaits Us: Basically, from here on out, we'll address our bubble position after each game. But for now, know that we are squarely on that damn thing. We absolutely need to win 3-4 (assuming a loss at UConn). Beat UConn and things start to look much brighter.

  • Once Again, I Was Selectively Right: Yesterday, I told you Marquette would beat Villanova. Today, Marquette beat Villanova. Am I God? I'll leave that question to the mortals.

Video of (Obese) Disinterest:


What To Watch For:

Call it blind hate, but whatever, I have medication for that. We'll be fine without him, but Michigan? Not so much. Though, I would advocate a better cheer to get Pryor's attention. Something like this...


  • Tennessee's Run Lasts One Week: Yes, that's right, Tennessee loses tomorrow at Vanderbilt. Doubt me? Sure, whatever. But remember, I know all, so doubt at your own peril.

  • Apparently, We Win Ten Games Next Year: To be honest, it looks pretty reasonable. I think most of us would take a Big East Championship next year considering the coaching turmoil and turnover on defense. As a blind optimist I think we'll be better, but suicide isn't an option at 10-2.