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Now Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Yeah, WVU won by 20 something at home against an inferior/less athletic Big East bottom feeder. What's new?


Wake me up when the Mountaineers beat a team with a winning record. Until then, I'm unimpressed by their ability to beat up on the little guy.

Sure, Joe Alexander scored 21 points, but they came on FT's and fade-away, 17-foot bank shots in the face of a double team. I don't care if those shots go in against shorter, less athletic competition, they are not good shots. And that is exposed every time WVU plays a quality foe.

In spite of that, I probably would have been satisfied with the performance had it not been for Alex Ruoff. Now, Ruoff is normally a good player and a pretty good shooter when he is squared up.

But Ruoff has been so dreadfully bad recently that he barely played in the second half against 'Nova, however, after he hit ONE three and threw a simple behind the back pass he felt the need, to paraphrase Stiles, to preen to the crowd as he pranced up court like a little girl in the school play.

Besides the fact that he should act like he's been there before, and should be guarding his man instead of looking at the student section (especially with the horrible transition defense WVU played on Wednesday), the plays were against PROVIDENCE.

This guy hasn't made a meaningful basket in a month, and he's going Rod Tidwell after every basket.

Forgive my frustration, but I am personally sick of winning these useless games by 20, because it makes the inconsistency all the more vexing. This team has the ability to be in the tournament. Whether they can or not is up to them. And with leaders with the mental fortitude of Alexander and Ruoff, it is looking less likely.

On a positive note, Wellington Smith is playing out of his mind.