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Villanova Promises To Be BIG

Today's game is BIG. Like Villanova girls BIG. Like Rosie O'Fat eating Star Jones for dinner and Dusty Rutledge for dessert BIG.

A win, and WVU's NCAA tournament hopes are still alive. A loss and they probably need to win out. The game will hinge on whether WVU can stop Scottie Reynolds and make 47.3% of their shots. If they do those two things, it's a victory.

The only problem is that 'Nova is just as desperate as WVU. And everyone knows that when you're desperate you often times wake up next to a 'chick' named Danielle you met at the bar last night. Except that it turns out that the 'chick' is actually a dude named Dan, and that bar you were at was actually Vice Versa. What a horrible 21st birthday I had.

But a desperate team can also win games they have no business winning. (see Michigan's 8 victories this year.)

But since you're a Mountaineer fan, and you know how important this game is, and because you can read a preview on the game elsewhere, I'm going to dedicate this humpday to great moments in Villanova ugly chick history.


Skip to the 2 minute mark.



Who am I kidding.....he's gorgeous.