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How About Some Bubbly

Remember when you were 8 years old you could blow bubbles for hours on end and you would never get bored?

Until you swallowed the bubble solution and had to get your stomach pumped, and your mom beat you with the ironing board because you wasted her booze money on the medical bills, and interupted her date with the local mechanic who was going to be her ticket out of the Valley and into the 25314 (albeit, the poor end of Johnson Road).

Well, after beating Rutgers and Seton Hall, WVU is right back on the NCAA bubble, with 6 games remaining. And it looks like the week off from being beaten with Bob Huggins' pimp cane is just what the doctor ordered for his players.

Granted, WVU just did what it was expected to do in beating the 2 Jersey schools, but never overlook the fact that, by all accounts, we escaped the weekend without any additional STD's, syringes in the butt, or hair gel to the eye.

WVU (and especially Joe Alexander) continues to prove they can dominate inferior and less-athletic competition, but it remains to be seen if we can beat good teams or win a close game.

The foul shooting against Rutgers was a stellar 23-26, but against Seton Hall, WVU was just 6-13. This is boggling, infuriating and unacceptable. The foul shooting, whether good or bad, seems to be as contagious as chucktownzub's genital rash.

WVU beat teams at home they were supposed to beat, and, at 18-7, sit right where most people expected them to be. It's frustrating to know that the record could so easily be 21-4, but what's important is how they fair in these last 6 games.

  1. @Villanova

  2. Providence

  3. @Depaul

  4. @UConn

  5. Pitt

  6. @St. John's

St. John's and Providence are probably wins. Depaul and Villanova (who's been playing horribly) are very winnable road games (and road wins are extremely important). UConn is almost certainly a loss on paper. Pitt is the must win game, as it's against a quality opponent at home.

Methinks we beat the Johnnies, Friars and Pitt, split Depaul and 'Nova, and lose to UConn. That makes us 22-9, 11-7 going into the Big East Tourny, and in no better position than we are currently, or than last year's 22-9 team that was left out of the dance.


A 5-1 record over the last 6 games, puts us in the tournament. 4-2 means we need to win one in NY. 3-3 means we need to win 2-3 games in NY. Any thing less than 3-3 and WVU is NIT bound.

WVU used (FT) bricks to build this bubble, which means we're probably going to be on it until Selection Sunday.