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Gridiron Bash Bust...

Are you shitting me? Dwight Yoakam, Dwight "fucking" Yoakam...sigh

I thought the point of the Gridiron Bash was to sell tickets and get MORE people out to the Gold-Blue game. This is not an appealing concert for WVU students or a majority of our fanbase. I love country music but Dwight Yoakam hasn't been relevant in 10+ years. Brad Paisley is from this state. Did anyone from MSL Sports and Entertainment ever think to give him a call, flippin' IDIOTS.

Yoakam couldn't even sell out the CAC my second senior year and now you bring him in as the headliner for the first concert EVER at Mountaineer Field. Gridiron Bash Bust you really dropped the ball on this one. Send him to UK that is where he was freaking born, maybe he has two fans in that state.

A loyal reader put it perfectly when she stated:

WVU's concert in conjunction with the GI Bash will likely overwhelmingly undersell tickets as compared to schools with more current talent. By showcasing DY, not only does WVU not have a chance to win the competition (they likely didn't before but this shoots it all to hell), but poor ticket sales in the first year could cause WVU not to be invited to participate next year if it becomes an annual event.

All I have to say is DUCK....SCHALAP SCHALAP SCHALAP SCHALAP MSL Sports and Entertainment you just got hit with a plethora of shoes. I will be at the Gold-Blue game, in my new gold pants, but I'm not going to see this ass-clown.