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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/14/08)

No chance

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Valentine's Day edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown. Oh how I love this wonderful made up holiday where men can only screw-up. Seriously, guys you can't "win" today we should only play par golf.

You should take her to dinner but only buy her flowers, chocolates, a card and a maybe a "simple" gift. If you get her something big and extravagant then you have to live up to that in the years to come. So keep it simple and don't set yourself up for failure next year.

Enough of this Valentine's bullshit lets get to the Throwdown...

Things You (May Have) Missed:

  • WVU women beat the shit out of Pitt: I was begining to think Mountaineer sports was under some type of Pitt curse. Thank you ladies, for showing the men how it is done.

  • Roger "The Dodger" Clemens: What can be gleamed from yesterday's testimony on Capitol Hill? Our Congress knows how to waste our money. I think Clemens is lying but I also believe in UFO's and that Johnson shot Kennedy.

  • Will Bob Knight be back in coaching by the end of the season?: In a twist of fate there is major controversy at IU and Bob Knight is no longer employed. I cannot imagine the reception Knight would receive at his first game at Assembly Hall.

Video of Disinterest:


I don't have sound right now so I have no clue if this is funny or not...

What To Watch:

  • Rutgers +18.5 @ WVU: We need to win this game to keep our NCAA hopes alive. If we win our home games and steal 1 or 2 on the road we are golden. We just need to remember that if we score more points than the other team we WIN.

  • If you play your cards right you may be watching a home movie later tonight...