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EXCLUSIVIE: Huggs Shows Them Some Love

In an unprecedented move CBH gave WBGV a sneak peek at the Valentine's Day card he will be giving his team before the Rutger's game. He will also have champagne chilled in hopes that his team plays better drunk than they do sober.

While he did not come out and say this, I am sure the decision to release the card was in response to all those pussies saying that he is to mean to his players.

Dear Weaklings Team;

I love each and every one of you. I may scream and yell at you but you guys suck a lot I love you anyway. You may feel embarrassed when I chew you out on national TV after every weak play but it is because I want you to get better.

Let's look past giving up a three in the waining seconds of the two biggest games this year. Just forget about how you screwed those up. We can overcome the heart-breaking defeats by playing as a team and actually scoring more points than the other team. You know how to do that because we have somehow done it 16 times this season. As G.I. Joe says "Knowing is half the battle."

So walk onto the Coliseum floor tonight and know that despite all the times I've told you how much you suck, that you are actually decent pretty damn good. This is Rutgers. All they are known for is hair gel, steroids and S.T.D's.

Don't make me hate you more because I actually love you.


Bob Huggins

P.S. If you lose tonight just walk out with the fans because I will rip out your heart, dip it in chocolate and eat it while sipping the leftover champagne.
He also posted these pictures in the locker room and told the players that if they play well then they could get a girl like this...