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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe!

Alright, By-Godders, I have been building to a boil over the last few weeks and I’m going to let off some steam and throw some shoes. I should really start to write stuff down because I get mad and then forget what I’m mad about. Oh well, here goes nothing...

Shoe #1

To all those people that are jumping off the basketball teams bandwagon, it is closed and you aren’t allowed back on until next season. If we were to win the rest of our games and one game in the Big East Tournament we make it into the field of 65 and you aren’t allowed to buy tickets. You can cheer us on from home but you can’t take a seat from someone that didn’t give up on this team.

What is that you say, "5th Year Senior, you didn’t think this team would be very good at the start of the year, so shut up yourself." Hey buddy kiss my grits, because I don’t give up until the season is over. Yeah I think it will be tough to make the NCAA tournament, but I don’t think it is impossible. (This is in response to all the callers of the SWSL that were asking about the NIT.)
Shoe #2

I hate Pitt. I hate its fans and I really hate the Oakland Aquarium Zoo. What the fuck does that mean anyway? Are you crazy like wild-animals, or are you so infested with STD’s that you have to be kept in cages so you don’t spread your disease to us normal people? When you come to Morgantown I dare you to say 13-9 or 55-54. Because if you do, you will be assaulted. And if you think the burning sensation when you pee is bad, wait until the YMCA guy sits on your face. Now that is an unpleasant feeling -- not that I know from experience.

Shoe #3

If you live in Charleston, you may have heard of the "Insider Statewide" on ESPN Radio 1490. For those of you who don’t work for the show, it is a Marshall call-in show. Why the hell is it called "Statewide?" I have only heard it on this one station on my drives through this state. I called to inquire about the "statewide" misnomer but they wouldn’t let me on the air for some reason. I don’t hate Marshall, I just hate the fact that they feel the entire state cares about what is going on in the ghetto Huntington. You had a chance to compete with WVU during the Moss and Leftwich years but you blew it. You are now more irrelevant in this state than you were before your "star" players.

Shoe #4

Bend your knees and follow through. Please for the love of god shoot 50% from the free throw line next game. 60% would be better. Hell, the 70% range would be on par with last season but let’s take small steps and aim for 50%. Also, if the opposing team needs a three pointer to win... DON’T LET THEM SHOOT A THREE!

Tip of the Cap

Huggins, you are doing a hell of a job. Keep up the good work and keep coaching your ass off for this school. These kids may not respond until next year when someone tries to come in and take their spot in the line-up, but they will eventually respond.

Recent News

I didn't even bash Fraud for being a loser and a lying piece of crap. The declaratory judgment action was remanded back to state court, as per WVMetro News.