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If You're Always On TV Talking About It... can we possibly move on?



Seriously, this is how we move on:

  1. Pay the $4 million buyout as you are contractually obligated to do; and

  2. Stop talking about WVU.

You are the head coach at Michigan. You have much bigger fish to fry -- like the fact that you have no starting QB -- than to keep talking about West Virginia.

But if you stay on TV, if you stay constantly in the press talking about WVU, well, we are forced to talk about you, too. It's not something we want to do, but you're forcing our hand. I would much rather be talking about our newest recruiting class, just like you should want to talk about your newest recruiting class. Hell, you even have to coach them; we just have to get drunk and watch our players.

Just move on, Rich. You pay the buyout, we'll never talk about you again on this site. We swear. Sure, we might bask in the failures of Michigan football -- and trust me, there will be plenty -- but the WVU/Rich Rodriguez chapter of our lives will be closed.

We swear.


West BY GOD Virginia

PS: Even 5th Year Senior.