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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/8/08)

Son of a bitch, By-Godders I hate Pitt and this isn't your ordinary Shotgun/Throwdown because I'm hungover. I'm not gonna lie I need a new pair of shoes and a new bedroom window. Seriously are you kidding me, are you fucking kidding me.

What WVU Players May Have Missed Last Night:

  • When your coach tells you to switch the screen and then stick on that man, ESPECIALLY Ramon and Young, DO IT. WHY DO YOU HELP IN THAT SITUATION.

  • When you are standing at the foul line your goal is to make it go in the hole not clank it off the rim. Huggs sounded like he was about ready to strangle "The Silver Fox", Jay Jacobs, last night when talking about free throws.

  • When you are supposed to be a "superstar" in the making you want the ball in your hands during pressure do not stay near half-court like a scared kid. Hugs will relegate you to being a "role player" until you realize that you are more athletic than 90% of the people guarding you.

  • We can still make the NCAA tournament if we win at home and steal 2 or 3 on the road. Will we do it??? Nope

Video Of Disinterest:

I was going to post a video of a panther getting shot but that would just be in poor taste. I really hate Pitt. Even right now I want to punch the guy in the cubicle beside me because I hate Pitt. Did he go to Pitt? No. Does he like Pitt? No. Why do I want to punch him? Because I hate Pitt and he is there.

What To Watch:

  • Nothing, so drink.