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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/6/08)


Welcome, By-Godders, to the Thursday edition of The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown. Yesterday was unproductive and extremely anti-climactic for me seeing as how we didn't get any big surprises.

Nonetheless, I am very happy with this recruiting class. We reloaded on our defensive front and added a few kids with HUGE upside in secondary. Yesterday also, reaffirmed my growing man crush on Bill Stewart. My favorite quote, "By god the boy may be able to bench this radio station, even with Kevin in it?"

UPDATE: Holmes, Ingram and Collington were arrested for marijuana possession and intent to this really a crime?? Daily Mail thinks so.

Did anyone notice the fact that D.W. Wilfong was the same asshole who arrested Quinton Andrews last year for not obeying all his ridiculous demands?

I think this guy has a hard-on for busting athletes because it makes him feel significant. They should not have been messing with the wacky weed but this guy is an asshole...I know from experience.

What You Missed Because You Were On WBGV All Day Yesterday:

  • I'm Being Recruited by France To Play Center: Kevin Hart, a high-school senior, lied about being recruited by Cal and Oregon to get laid. I barely remember high-school but if I wanted to get laid I would just date a freshman for a week.

  • Dorks Make It Rain In Chapel Hill: Duke sinks 13 3's and beats the Tar Heels without their "engine" Ty Lawson. I generally like Dickie V but I really can't stand him when he gushes about Duke and thinks every time one of those pussies falls down it is charge. GEEZ

  • The Ryan Express Is Back: Nolan Ryan returns to the Rangers to be its team president.

Video Of Disinterest:
Just one reason I love the Ryan Express!


What To Watch:

  • WVU (+2.5) @ Pitt: Smalligan needs to set the tone by coming out and instead of trying to win the jump just hit DeJuan Blair in the balls. If that doesn't happen we get beat and can't chant "Let's play football" this year.

  • WVU's List of 2009 Recruits: I know signing day was yesterday but this early list shows kids want to play for this coaching staff. The future is bright my friends.