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I Don't Do Drugs Though...Just Weed!

UPDATE: All three players -- Holmes, Collington, and Ingram -- have been kicked off the team.

When I first saw the news this morning my first reaction was to poke myself in the eye. How could these guys be this careless and irresponsible. This not only effects their lives but also all of their teammates on and off the field.

After reading the article again I became very suspicious of the circumstances and the officer involved, D.W. Wilfong. I had a run in with this character after I helped break-up a fight on High Street late one Saturday night.

I was giving information to another officer of what I saw and the reason the fight started. Then, this character comes up behind me, spins me around and gets in my face and says "Let me pat you down." To which I simply respond, "Why?"

He did not like that question to say the least and threatened to "take me downtown" if I did not adhere to his request. After slightly chuckling, considering we were already downtown and somehow holding back a slew of smart-ass remarks that came to mind, I let the joker pat me down because I had nothing to hide, except my guns arms. That shows a history of a guy that gets his jollies from using his authority.

Wilfong simply saw some black kids acting "suspicious" and followed them. If he would’ve pulled them over for being "suspicious" then he would be an idiot but he waited for them to break the law by speeding and then pulled them over. Then the sweet smell of marijuana tickled the cop's nose and the kids were screwed -- seems like a valid and legal search to me).

The circumstances surrounding the arrests of Johnny Holmes, Ed Collington, and James Ingram may be a bit fishy but they still possessed the stuff and appeared to have an intent to distribute.

We all know a lot of college students smoke marijuana from time to time. Heck, some adults never stop using it but the fact remains that it is illegal. If they are charged with a crime or it is determined that Collington and Holmes knew of the weed in Ingrams possession or were tokin-up they should be suspended for at least three games next season. Ingram on the other hand should be kicked off the team, period.

Some of you may make excuses for these players but what would you say if a player from Marshall, Pitt or VT were caught in similar circumstances. I hope this situation does not ruin the lives of these three players but they should have to pay the consequences for their careless and irresponsible actions.