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By Godders, it has been 69 days since Dec. 1, 2007, a date which will live in infamy. West Virginia was shockingly and even more shockingly beaten by the mustache. Did I mention it was shocking.

Well today is payback day. Revenge. Retribution. Murder. Well maybe not murder....okay, yeah, murder.

When I start thinking or talking about Pitt, I get so overwhelmed with hatred that I can't put together a meaningful thought or sentence. It just seathes out. So instead of tring to make sense, I'll just make a list.

Things I hate about Pitt:

  • That it's located in Pittsburgh. Serioulsy, I'm for pollution as much as the next guy, but these guys are out of control.

  • Andrew Carnegie. He didn't leave ANY money to his children. Or me. What a horrible parent.

  • Oakland. The whole thing is confusing. Are you poor, roughneck, trashy Pittsburghians, or fruity west coasters?

  • Jamie Dixon. On the advise of my politically correct lawyer, I'm not making a hilarious joke here.

  • The stache.

  • Pittsburgh Tuxedos = carpenter jeans, Timberland boots, and Ben Roethlisburger jersey.

  • Chevy Troutman

  • Ralph Willard

  • Pete Gonzalez

  • Peterson and his events center. Mike Puskar could beat Peterson up. And my dad could beat up your dad.

  • 12/1/07

  • Beano Cook

  • Steel. I'm more of an iron guy. There's a reason there's an 'iron age' and 'bronze age', but no 'steel age'...steel sucks.

  • Panthers

  • Carl Krauser's 'Bronx' gestures.