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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/5/08)

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Well By-Godders, it is an unseasonably warm day here in Charleston and I'm in a good mood. Granted I have not started to work yet so my attitude may soon change.

Signing Day is almost here and I couldn't be more excited. In just over 24 hours we will see how good of a recruiting staff we really have when JJ announces his decision.

What You (May Have) Missed: (Song Titles by Mr. Rogers)

  • I'm Still Myself Inside: Bob Knight may be the most hypocritical person on the face of the earth. He preaches discipline, respect, and never quit attitude. He just quit in mid-season...

  • Everybody's Fancy: Marquette shoots 32 percent from the field and falls again to Louisville. This U of L team is pretty damn good now that they are healthy and kids aren't getting suspended.

  • Let's Think of Something...: Clemens finally gets a chance to lie under oath on Capitol Hill today. I now hate Roger Clemens almost as much as I hate Pete Rose.

Video of Disinterest:
It's Such A Good Feeling


What To Watch:

  • Tree, Tree, Tree: G-Town - 19.5 v. USF Georgetown's Roy Hibbert should dominate South Florida's big man Gransberry.

  • I'm Taking Care Of You: Florida + 9.5 at Tennessee The Vols should win this game and cover.