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Rodriguez Reads At A 3rd Grade Level

The man is stupid. I can't stress that enough.

As you well know, Rodriguez and his attorneys are attempting to keep the lawsuit in federal court by continually reiterating that he was a resident of Michigan -- not West Virginia -- when the case was filed. They point to his Michigan address, his Michigan driver's license, his Michigan voter's registration card, and the black-market handgun he purchased off 8 Mile Road in Detroit. In fact, after purchasing the gun, he personally filed off the serial number and promptly shot a guy.

A strong case indeed.

But then, just when you think the guy's pretty smart, he manages to confirm his status as a "special person." And by special person, I mean retard. And by retard, I mean someone's who's actually not mentally challenged but acts like he is.

WVU claims Rodriguez was living in West Virginia and his children were attending West Virginia schools when the lawsuit was filed. The school also said Rodriguez mailed a second resignation letter Jan. 10, using his Morgantown residence as the return address.

Fucking brilliant.

For anyone else, it would seem you'd have to actively try to look this stupid. To Rodriguez, though, it seems to come naturally.