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The Single Greatest Endorsement Ever!

Last week, if you remember, we ran a satirical post detailing Jamie Smalligan losing his starting position to Kerri Kosten, a WVU freshman. You see, Miss Kosten is both blind and deaf, which makes for the hilariousness of the post.We figured we'd get a lot of laughs and a few people who thought we were complete assholes. It was bound to happen, even though the last thing on our mind was making fun of anyone but Jamie Smalligan. And no one should be able to quarrel with that.

Of course, when THE Kerri Kosten sent us an e-mail a few days ago, we were initially scared shitless. Eventually, though, we stopped crying and opened the e-mail.

This is what she wrote:

Hi Charley:

I just wanted to thank you for the hilarious post on your blog about me starting in place of Jamie Smalligan. I was not offended by it at all and found it hilarious. I often wonder if I had sight how into playing sports I would be.


I am just wondering.

Congrats on your blog and Let's GOOOO Mountaineers!!
And in that one short e-mail, Kerri Kosten became our new best friend.

Seriously, how cool do you have to be to send that e-mail? Much cooler than us, certainly. We've only been operating a few short months, but we have not and will never receive a better endorsement for this site. Truly awesome.

So thanks, Kerri, for having an awesome sense of humor.