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That's Just God Being God

The Mountaineers look to find atonement in Providence tonight, as I look to find whores in Touchdown City.

If you're looking for analysis, look somewhere else, because you won't find it here.

I know nothing about Providence this year. All I know is they lost in overtime against Notre Dame on Wednesday in the battle of Our Mother of Universities I Hate.

I know Austin Coshere, and Ryan Gomes were good. I know that white kid with the shaved head graduated already. And Tim Welsh has greasy hair and an empty basketball mind.

I know if WVU plays like they did against Cincinnati, Huggins will ensure that the streets run red with Smalligan's blood.

I think we lose, because I'm a negative nancy. No one goes into the Dunkin' Donut .....dounghnutssss.... Okay, I gotta go and get some Krispy Kreme.

UPDATE: Reader feedback: give your predictions for the game.

Now let us pray.