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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/30/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Wednesday edition of The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Stella Artois. Why Stella? Because it's damn good, and even Mountaineer fans can't drink Budweiser everyday. Plus, if you drink Stella, you'll be puzzled enough to try to figure out what language they speak in Belgium.

(Note: The answer is at the end of the post -- if you care, and I know you do.)

OK, enough tomfoolery, bring on the Throwdown!

What You (May Have) Missed:

Don Imus Was Right: Kidding. Seriously kidding. But even more seriously, the Mountaineer women beat the #5 ranked Rutgers Lady Knights -- yeah, like those exist -- by the score of 63-54. This should totally interest me. It just doesn't.

Lonnie Galloway Completes Staff: I don't care if it doesn't mean a thing, I just appreciate the symmetry of hiring a coach from Appalachian State.

Apparently, WVU and Rodriguez Aren't Getting Along: Who knew? Certainly not me. All joking aside, this is actually a pretty fantastic read.

Videos of Disinterest:

  • Mick Cronin spotted in Alabama.



What To Watch For:

West Virginia (-14) vs. Cincinnati (ESPN2): Watch a leprechaun (Mick Cronin) coach a basketball game. And you don't even have to go to the circus.

Mythbusters (Discovery Channel): If you just have a show with two guys blowing up shit, I am undecided on whether to watch it. Put a beret on one of the guys? Sold.

Throwdown trivia answer: Well, they speak both Flemish and French (as well as a tiny bit of German). The north speaks Flemish, the south speaks French. And around the capital of Brussels, there are dancing pixies that, if you catch one, will bring you wealth and happiness beyond your wildest.....OK, just checking to see if you were still reading.