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Mick the Prick

No heart, or stars at the 'Shoe!
Maybe a win every blue moon!
No pots of gold and rainbows!
Just a traitorous coach who joined Pitino!

Wikipedia says that Mick, from the prefix "Mc"/"Mac" meaning "son of" that is commonly found in Irish surnames, is considered more offensive in the U.K. and U.S.

The always handy Racial Slur Database says that Mick is not as derogatory as "Paddy."

The 25314 says that nothing can be as offensive as this Mick.

If anyone has seen his lucky charms, let him know. He was last seen jumping up and and down like a spoiled, prepubescent girl and turning redder than his red balloons, at the end of regulation in Cincinnati last January.


April 2001. Mick Cronin leaves Bob Huggins staff as recruiting coordinator to join the newly hired Rick Pitino at Conference USA arch-rival Lousiville.

Besides the the obvious backstab, consider, when Huggins hired Cronin in 1996 as video coordinator, Mick was the JUNIOR VARSITY coach at Woodward High School. Talk about lucky. So instead of being loyal to the man who gave him everything, Cronin goes to the rival.

Then, after Huggins is forced out at Cincinnati, and interim coach, Andy Kennedy, isn't offered the job because he is too loyal to his former boss, Huggins, guess who takes the job?

Aye. Ye guessed it. The backstabbing leprechaun. You think a guy as loyal as Huggins isn't going to hold a grudge? I get the feeling Wednesday night is going to be a little something like this.


I couldn't find the actual leprechaun clip because of South Park's "copyright" phobia. Apparently, they consider it "stealing" to use their product without paying. Anyway, those who have seen the episode, know what happens. And those who haven't, can use their IMAGINATIONS.