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C'est la vie

That's life as a Mountaineer fan. If it's the big game, chances are, they'll find a way to lose.

It happened in the first Big East game against Georgetown, in Dec. of '95. It happened again the next year against Georgetown in January of '97. The Hoyas repeated the act again in the Big East Tourney in 2000, at G'town in 2003, and now, you can add 2008 to the list of last second losses.

Patrick Ewing, Jr. is a prick. Let's just put it out there. And I wish that John Beilein had finished the job last year when he started to choke him out.

But he didn't, and Ewing was able to block Da'Seans finger roll at the buzzer. After Sapp hit the clutch 3. After senior, Darris Nichols, missed another FT. To go along with the 2 he missed ealier. To go along with the ELEVEN free throws WVU missed, in total.

So, even if Smalligan got his 1st half 3 off in time (he didn't, but it was nice of him to show up for a game this season), or Butler's shot was goaltended (it's too close to call....and Butler should have either dunked it or put it off the glass anyway to avoid getting blocked), WVU still blew the game at the charity stripe.

Hey, look, I'm a basktball, I think I'll go into the basket. It's your home, why won't you go to your home?

If your name is WELLINGTON, you ought to be able to shoot FT's. If you're a senior, you ought to be able to make FT's when they count.

So you can chalk Georgetown up with Oklahoma as games WVU snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and will keep us out of the tournament in March.

Mad props to Alex Ruoff and his black socks, and shoes. I dig.