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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/24/08)

Welcome By-Godders to the Thursday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown brought to you by Iron City Beer. I did not accomplish my goal of getting into a fight last night but the Mountaineers beat West Virginia Junior College so all is well in the world.

What you (may have) missed:

  • They Don't Have a Herd On!: Marshall fans are searching for Viagra this morning after Da'Sean Buttler bag-tagged the Herd in the wanning seconds of last nights game. This game needs to be a two for one, WVU gets the two, because last nights crowd was just sad. People were at the game to be seen not to cheer on the either team. []

  • The Fallout Continues: This article doesn't tell us much that we don't know. The jist of the article is that Mike Brown is an asshole, FraudRod is an asshole, Mike Wilcox is all that kept these people from poking each other's eyes out, Mike Parson's is a dueche-bag who couldn't manage a Wendy's, and Eddie Pastilong is just too loyal.

  • Mayo and Mello Don't Go Together: The free tickets Mayo accepted cost more than the free shoes FSU players accepted back in the day. Can you say NCAA violations? []

  • 5 OT's Is A Little Much: Baylor beat Texas A&M in 5 OT "instant classic" 116 - 110. []

Video of Disinterest:


What To Watch:

Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe:

  1. Why in the hell were the ushers keeping every door in the CCC closed? You people are idiots it was not icey anywhere, except Antarctica. Yeah usher everyone out the doors that lead to an uneven sidewalk. That will cut down on liability, fucking idiots.

  2. The officials in last nights game made it one of the worst college basketball games I have ever seen live in my entire life. I coughed in the upper deck and they called a foul.

Did anyone else get a smile on their face when Marshall started their comeback? I did, because I could see the little brother syndrome kicking in and knew they would be crushed after another loss. This is what they were thinking:

We can beat them. I know we can. We can beat our big brother to the north. This will show them we are good enough, smart enough, and that dog gone-it people like us. Yippie I've got a Herd on! Oh no, oh no, not again. Shit we suck and will never be as good as WVU, I'm ugly and have a small penis (even the girls said that).