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The 2007 College Football Blog Awards

For those unfamiliar, Every Day Should Be Saturday (or Thursday, Wednesday, etc.) has announced the nomination period for the 2007 edition of the College Football Blog Awards. By any measure, these awards are the most prestigious in the all land, comparable to the Nobel Prize, Congressional Medal of Honor, and Timber Processing Magazine's 1998 Man of the Year. Like I said, heady company to be sure.

We would be humbled to win any award on the list, but since we're still relatively new -- as well as relative skewed towards the Big East -- we're looking to concentrate on two awards: "Best Big East Blog" and "Best New Blog." A competitive showing in either of those should have us with good momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

But here's where you come in...

Head over to the nomination wizard and cast your vote for West BY GOD Virginia. You're free to vote for us in any category -- or no categories, for that matter -- but we'd appreciate any vote you may make.

As our pitch, we'd mention we've spent the last 6 months (give or take) taking it strong to the hoop (err, goalpost, endzone?) to bring you the best WVU, Big East, and general college football mayhem possible. Best we can tell, most of you have been laughing with us, rather than at us, and for that we are grateful. And hey, if we win any of these awards, we'll probably get a lot better readers. Haha, suckers.

We have made our own nominations below, and suggest you take a look at the respective blogs to see if they're worth using one of your own votes.

Best Community

  • MGoBlog -- Nothing says community quite like thousands of people yelling and screaming at each other. It's like my family's Thanksgiving, just with more volume.

Best Writing

  • Every Day Should Be Saturday -- This won't even be close. EDSBS should roll through this category. Like Reagan/Mondale, only if Mondale were retarded (wait, he wasn't?).

Best Analysis

  • Cracked Sidewalks -- I know this is a college FOOTBALL blog awards show, but these guys deserve mention. That's right, I'm throwing my vote away -- like voting for Ron Paul, only with more meaning.

Job Award

  • Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician -- The easiest choice in the book. No blog has suffered through absolute putridity like TNIAAM. Plus it's name is really long, which should count for something.

Best ACC Blog

  • Yeah, right. Like I'd vote for anything involving the ACC.

Best Big East Blog

  • Cough -- us -- cough.

Best Big 12 Blog

  • Mizzourah -- The Texas blogs get all the pub, but this is the little engine that could. Or some sappy shit like that.

Best SEC Blog

  • Deep South Sports -- The man that brought you Joe Cox and Matthew Stafford drunk at Talledega...actually, that's enough for me. Good job.

OK, so that's about it. Like I said, you're free to vote for whomever you like, but we would appreciate if you took the time and nominated us for any of the awards. Even Best Pac-10 Blog -- because we'll take anything.

Note: Already been nominated by...