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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/23/08)


Welcome By-Godders to the Wednesday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown. It is WVU v. Marshall day and had I not fallen asleep at 9 last night I would have something highly entertaining and somewhat funny for our loyal readers.

But no just the normal stuff but expect some Marshall trashing throughout the day.

What you (may have) missed:

Video(s) of Disinterest:
Marshall is a scared little bitch!


What to Watch:

  • WVU (-13) v. Marshall: If I have to watch those damn Marshall fans run on the court at the CCC one more time, I will steal that cheerleaders flag and make him squeal like a piggy.

  • WVU v. Marshall: It is impossible for WVU to come out firing at the CCC but they will pull through in the end for a six point victory. WVU 72 - Marshall 66

  • WVU v. Marshall: It is the only thing to watch tonight and make sure you rub our victory into the face of every Marshall fan you see. It will make them cry.