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Mike Brown Is A Scumbag

Apparently, the Governator was partly right about agents being to blame. These e-mails, the AP aquired, show a continued pattern of agressive, questionable behavior of RR agent Mike Brown against WVU.

Granted, the University continues to prove it is reactive, and not proactive, in running the Athletic Dept., but Brown saying they need to "stay competetive for Rich's services," and that Rich could take the Texas A&M and FSU jobs if the demands weren't met (jobs that weren't even open at the time), is despicable.

Even Whit Babcock agrees that Mike Brown is a liar.

For his part, RR finacially advisor, Mike Wilcox, comes across as the only clear-thinking, innocent party. According to the e-mails, Wilcox didn't think too highly of Brown's involvement, either. He also warned Garrison of the trouble brewing in the RR camp Dec. 4.

Why Garrison or Pastilong didn't talk to RR after this e-mail from Wilcox is anybody's guess, but it's understandable why the administration would have had enough of these games. Threatening to take other jobs on Nov. 14th, if every demand wasn't met? That's bush league.

There is also the question of why WVU wouldn't spring for advertising on the walls, which seems like an easy money maker. (See also, Mike Carey) The pay-per view web site proposed by RR is ridiculous, however. Why do you think that A&M's job was coming open anyway?

And what about the 1100 Club money distribution? If, in fact, RR wasn't told the funds were going to be used for purposes other than recruiting, it's egregious. And shouldn't those Club members know that their money isn't going towards recruiting?

The Athletic Dept. might be a Mickey Mouse operation, but Mike Brown is definetely Pinocchio. (see what i did there?)