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Deja Vu

It was a third straight ugly win for WVU, and the game played out like nearly every Marshall game does.

WVU takes an early lead, and seems to be coasting to an easy win. Marshall hits a few threes, and the crowd comes alive. The game comes down to the last minute, and as the Little Train, Lionel Armstead, did in the past, Da'Sean Butler hits a game winning shot.

WVU fans go home, without even thinking about rushing the floor, dissapointed in the team's performance, and never giving Marshall another thought until they start nipping at our heels before the football game.

Marshall fans go home and talk about how they should have won their 'super bowl', and cling to the moral victory. They think about the game everynight for the next 12 months, and talk trash to anyone who will listen. But the joke is on them. They're fans of a bad team in a bad conference.

And, as always at the Civic Center, the game finishes with arms in front of the camera, obstructing the view. Can they not put the camera on a phone book or something? Even a Marshall grad should be able to solve this problem.