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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/22/08)

Welcome By-Godders to the Tuesday morning edition of the Shotgun/Throwdown. All is well in Mountaineer Land except for the whole BitchRod thingy. If you are holding your breathe hoping it will all just go away, good luck because this situation will last a while.

What you most likely missed because Fraudriguez stories are consuming your life:

  • I wish I knew how to quit you: Dungy to coach the Colts for at least one more season.

  • Tiger Speaks After Heads Have Rolled: OH NO! I said heads rolled. Please, European Ameicans don't get offended for me referring to the way some of your ancestors may have been killed unfairly...

  • Hibbert Is Goofy But Good: Georgtown scores 4 points in overtime and still manages to win. As always in the Big East you have to protect your home floor and the Hoyas did just that.

Videos of Disinterest:
Speed Kills


Meriweather is a Bitch

What to watch:

  • Bob Huggins Statewide Sportsline: If I heard Tony Caridi right tonight you should be able to watch the Bob Huggins Statewide Sportsline at WV If you are going to be in Charleston you might as well head down to the Marriott to see it live. Huggs will tell stories and sign autographs during the commercial breaks. He is a class act.

  • Tennessee (-5) @ Kentucky: If you love watching the mighty fall tune in to watch The Wildcats get beat again. We may even get an Ashley Judd sighting.