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Here We Go Again...

Well, the saga continues.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which really is the Rodriguez Post-Gazette, says that Calvin Magee was not allowed to stay at WVU, despite his wishes, because he was black.

Of course, this story has national legs now, and is awful for WVU's image.

If true, this is horrible, but let's remember two things.

  1. The story was fed to Chuck Finder by Rodriguez's agent, Mike Brown.

  2. Magee flew to Michigan with Rodriguez the day RR was hired, displaying loyalty to RR and not WVU.

Magee was the perfect choice to promote to HC and keep the program going. Far better than Bill Stewart. But, in a time when WVU was feeling betrayed and desired loyalty, Magee flew to Michigan.

The sad thing is, he was probably the best choice all along, but there was no way Magee was going to get hired once he got on that plane.

However, if race was implied as a factor to him, and I would put nothing past our Athletic Dept., it's time heads started to roll. Actually, that time was probably years ago.

So now WVU is being accused of ignoring the best candidate due to skin color, while hiring a HC who was fired from his only other HC job for using a racial slur.

What a mess.

On another note, at least one Michigan writer sympathizes with WVU's side in the Rodriguez fiasco.