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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/17/08)

Welcome By-Goders, to the Thursday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throdown. I wish I could start everyday with a shotgun but they discourage excessive drinking before work at my place of employment.

As you can tell by the Corona and forthcoming Rodriguez references the Shotgun/Throwdown will have a Mexican theme today, except for the parts that have nothing to do with Mexico.

What you (may have) missed:

  • This Mexican Is An Asshole: Rodriguez moved the declaratory judgment action to federal court but he still owes us $4 million. Pay up bitch! []

  • Knight Captures 900th W: Will Coach Huggs be able to catch The General?? []

  • Hopefully The Rematch Won't Suck:In their first bout both De La Hoya and Mayweather were fighting scared. Hopefully, Mayweather's recent domination and knock-out of Hatton will give Mayweather the confidence to knock the Golden Boys block off. []

  • WVU Women Top Marquette: The Mountaineer women keep rolling along. []

Video(s) of disinterest:
I found a an old home movie showing Rodriguez trying to cross Decker's Creek.

What to watch:

  • Marquette (+2.5) @ Louisville: You have to win at home in the Big East but I think Marquette will go in and steal one in Freedom Hall. (Have your second TV on for this one)

  • HMMMM am I forgetting something???

  • WVU (-16.5) v. St. John's: Not being in Morgantown sucks almost as much as the 2000 class of DG rushees. I miss the smell of stale popcorn while watching WVU basketball games.

For some reason I get the feeling that a new OC will be named before the weekend is over. Just call it a hunch but I smell something brewing.