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Rodriguez Steals/Destroys Files

Note: File in picture no longer exists.
Actually, we're surprised this picture even exists.

In the latest, greatest, and possibly most twisted turn of events in the Rich Rodriguez saga, the former Mountaineer coach is accused of either stealing or destroying (or both) all files in existence related to both current roster players and the last seven years of the program. In other words, a dick move.

Seriously, every single file is gone. Don't believe me?

"It’s unbelievable. Everything is gone, like it never existed,’’ said a source within the athletic department, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Good, bad or indifferent, we don’t have a record of anything that has happened.’’

To be perfectly honest with you, not even I thought Rodriguez had this in him. Going beyond the initial "WTF" reaction, he's probably broken any number of state laws. I have half-a-mind to try to get him indicted on war crimes, but that Geneva Convention is always a crapshoot.

But it gets better.

According to the source, the files in Rodriguez’s office that are now missing included everything from records regarding summer camps — financial and otherwise — to data on boosters, recruiting and most everything related to activities within the program during Rodriguez’s seven years at WVU.

Most disturbing, though, is the absence of all of the players’ personal files, which included, among other things, contact information, scholarship money awarded, class attendance records and records on personal conduct and community service, be it positive or negative.

"If a player spoke to a school or did public service, we don’t have a record of it,’’ said the source. "If he broke a rule or missed class, we don’t have a record of that, either. We don’t have anything. All the good things these kids have done over the years, there’s nothing — not a picture of somebody speaking to a class, nothing. Why would somebody do that?’’
At press time, due to Rodriguez's Enron-like efficiency, WVU officials are unsure if Rodriguez was even the coach for the past seven years.

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