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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/14/08)

Each football Saturday (or Thursday, Friday, etc.), our group of friends officially mark the beginning of the tailgate with a special event: the shotgun/throwdown. It's pretty simple, just 10 guys in a circle shotgunning a beer and then throwing it down to the ground in victory. It marks the moment in time when drinking for the day goes from merely recreational to outright belligerent.

At WBGV, it will be stand as our morning jump-off and will run daily, Monday-Friday. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Monday edition of The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Miller Lite.

What you (may have) missed:

  • WVU crushes Syracuse: Behind 7 Alex Ruoff three-pointers and despite thousands of tears by Jim Boeheim, the Mountaineers prevailed 81-61.

  • We're good at home, not so good...: It's obvious this Mountaineer team is going to win at home and struggle (read: forget how to play) on the road. The next three, however, are all easily winnable: St. John's, USF, and (gasp) Marshall.

  • Jarrett Brown to play basketball: If you've seen the guy play at the Rec Center, you know his game is legit. His talent deserves to see game action, whether it be in football or, because of the existence of Pat White, basketball. I wish we could've seen the same back-in-the-day from Jerry Porter.

Video(s) of disinterest:

  • I am amazed that this video even exists. I am even more amazed that it is so long, it needs five parts. For your sake, I'm only showing you one. Enjoy. Try to stomach.


What to watch: