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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoes!


Alright, By-Godders I’m pissed, the shoes are off, and I’m just going to let fly a few things I’ve been holding in the last few weeks.

How in the world can two naked girls stand on the street in Charleston and not get arrested but when I try and pee in public the police make a HUGE deal about it? Ok, so they were mildly attractive girls but I’m a looker too and deserve to be treated with a little more respect.

EAT SHIT PITT! If I could get ahold of Wanstache right now I would put a Bruce Lee style whooping on him so quick he would think his mama waffle ironed his face again.

ARR it is more than a handful of people in this state that hate you, we are not your friends, and West Virginia will be Total Hell if you ever return. If you do return wear a bear suit and be prepared for a whoopin. Actually, if you return I won’t even acknowledge your existence.

#3 Cont.
Who am I kidding I’ll whoop ya.

Finally, I hate Notre Dame with every inch of my 6'2" chiseled frame, ok 6'2" lumpy frame. All the major conferences should never schedule them for football and make them join a conference. The fans are snooty, the players are babies, and I hate the color green.

With all this rage maybe I should do the Tough-Man this weekend in Charleston. Nope, I would die in about 15 seconds.