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Marquette Has Finally Stopped Fouling!

I can admit when I'm wrong and by-golly I thankfully got this one wrong. I thought Marquette would come in and out quick us on our home floor. However, Ruoff and company came out from the opening tip to play quick and physical on both ends of the floor.We still have some work to do, especially staying out of foul trouble, but if we play this well the rest of the Big East slate we should be just fine.

Now for some random thoughts...

Good lord, I thought that game would never end. I know you want to play to the final horn but when you are down double digits with less than a minute to go just play tough defense and stop fouling.

Is it so hard to put a foot on the baseline and not let someone drive past? Just step on the end-line and drive your guy towards the middle or make your man run you over as "The Gentlemen" Wellington Smith did to draw the charge. Simple solution and I'm sure Hugs will say the same thing.

I love the Coliseum but you blue hairs need to make SOME noise to help out the students. Simply yell "Go Defense", "OOOOOOO" or "Kick his ass sea bass" from time to time to liven things up.

In the Big East the most important thing is to win on your home floor and we did that so keep it up fellas.