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Brian Jones Is A Special Human Being

In case you're wondering, Brian Jones is a commentator/analyst/future unemployed member of CSTV. He went on record stating that West Virginia would get "blasted" in the Fiesta Bowl. That doesn't make him all that memorable since most commentators/analysts said the same thing.

What does make him memorable is his response to a WVU fan's e-mail earlier this morning. Enjoy.

"Just like all you WV fans, running your mouth and talking trash. You didn't win the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma lost it. If your team would play OU 10 times you would get BLASTED 8 out of 10. I stand by my statement, WVU is a 1 dimensional offense. RUN, RUN, RUN. With a lucky pass that turns into a touchdown, on a blown coverage and another one on a missed tackle. Your new hire sucks, your fans are deplorable, and your university will never be a big time contender for the NC. You and your dislusional [sic] fellow fans can email me all you like, I will never give the football program any respect at all. Seems like evryone [sic, again] is running out on your program, maybe you should do the same."

Actually, let's go ahead and mark that entire response [sic].

I find it difficult to respond to this e-mail. Obviously, the man is mentally retarded. That makes it much tougher because it is apparently socially unacceptable to make fun of the mentally retarded. You find that out pretty quickly when you show up drunk to the Special Olympics.

So, instead, I'm going to take the high road and encourage Mr. Jones. Instead of focusing on the spelling and grammatical mistakes, we're going to compliment him on using his words and making poopy in the toilet.

Good job Brian!

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