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Entire Fanbase Holding Their Breath

Bill Stewart is our new head coach. Now what?

Well, I have absolutely no idea. I'm not sure anyone else does, either.

I want to believe in the guy. I really do. He obviously loves his players, this university, and this state. These are all great qualities. But, it takes more than just that to win long-term at the highest levels of college football. Coach Bill Stewart has a lot of question marks, including recruiting, assembling his staff, schemes, etc.

It is impossible to judge this hire today. There are simply too many things that will be decided in the next few months. If Stewart can translate that aw-shucks charm into genuine recruiting momentum, then we'll be fine. If he can take last night's destruction and turn it into a season's worth of good play, then we'll be fine. And lastly, if he can assemble the best staff possible, including keeping as many current staff in place, we'll be fine.

Can he do those things? Time will certainly tell. It's certainly a tall task, especially from someone with little head-coaching experience.

But by saying all the right things, he's earned the benefit of the doubt from me. I hope the rest of the fanbase gives him the same.