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She's On Stronger Shit Than Jesse Spano

OK, here's the setup. Oklahoma is beating North Texas 63-3. North Texas, early in the 4th quarter, scores a 69 yard touchdown to close the gap to 63-9. Before North Texas kicks the extra point, the camera shows the Oklahoma cheerleaders intentionally looking sad because they got scored on (something they're probably used to in their personal lives).

Well, most of them were looking sad. All but one, actually...


What in the world is wrong with the second to last cheerleader? She looks like a rabid raccoon. She has to be on drugs. Strong, powerful drugs. She probably smoked marijuana once on a dare two years ago and next thing you know she's sleeping with drug dealers across town to score more junk. Get it? It's a gateway drug.

Try not to stare directly at her as you'll probably spontaneously develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome or something.

Oh, and just because I have to tie-in the post with its headline: